Innovative solutions for outdoor and indoor playgrounds. Tailor made, personalized, unique, bold, surprizing. With a strong focus on design, using high quality materials to promote greater durability and environmental sustainability. Safe and in compliance with European Standards EN1176 and EN1177.


Urban furniture for public or private space, perfect symbiosis between function and art. Because a bench can be much more than just a simple bench, but also a sculpture, an architectural landmark. Original concepts of comfortable, ergonomic urban equipment that will catch your eye.


Nothing adapts in an exemplary way to all of us, or in the same way, much less during the whole time of our lives. This Design & Build concept transports us into inclusive spaces, designed for everyone without exception, with a special focus on accessibility, orientation and diverse stimuli.


Dazzling, these are concepts for the public space that will amaze you as well as inspire you, awakening a very strong sense of belonging. With our impactful installations, we can transform any space or uncharacterized zone into a reference point of Urban Art.


At your disposal, a variety of sport concepts, basic health evaluation and recreational and occupational therapy equipment´s most suited for adults with Alzheimer’s disease, able to satisfy a wide range of preferences, styles and needs.