The Design & Build (D&B) service corresponds to a work delivery method in which an entity (the Design & Build Company) works under a single contract with the customer, to simultaneously provide the design and construction services. This method therefore involves a single entity, a single contract, and a unified flow of work, from the initial concept to the completion of the work.

Several studies and surveys dictate that D&B projects are generally 15% cheaper than projects supported by traditional procurement methods. The other good news is that this economy is not achieved based on a distortion of the initial concept or supported by “equivalent”, often dubious solutions.
Largely, this can be attributed to the greater use of the contractor’s internal resources (no need for third and fourth entities), faster projects, and more simplified contractual processes.


Play Planet´s D&B service corresponds to the blissful union of design and construction of Play and Recreation Spaces, offering an integrated, complete and coherent “turnkey” service.
We conceive and transform any idea into a solid concept, followed by its realization in time and space. With our D&B service the customer can be sure that the final result will be in perfect harmony with what was designed, constructed faster, and carried out with the lowest possible cost, and without budgetary slippage.
With Play Planet´s D&B service, you will quickly realize the benefits of “one stop shopping”.