Meeting points and socializing areas in the public space, especially those aimed at young people and adults, are rare, or in some places even non-existent. On the other hand, the street furniture of our towns and cities is usually made up of classic, traditional, very similar pieces, focusing primarily on their function – a bench is for sitting, a waste bin to trash your garbage, a lamp for lighting up the way. ..

At Play Planet, we believe that street furniture can, and should, offer more than its main function, constituting intervention and communication pieces of Urban Art.

Why? Because Urban Art has intrinsic and intangible value as well as instrumental value.

Intrinsic value concerns the aesthetic beauty of the work, its subjective and conceptual value as a piece of individual expression. The instrumental value of urban art is expressed both in social terms – surprising, educating and inspiring citizens – but also in economic terms – generating new jobs, increasing real estate value and promoting tourism, delivering objective and measurable results.

By bringing art to the streets, we are contributing to art becoming a part of our daily life. We expose ourselves to new ideas and information, being challenged and stimulated by what we observe. Public art is therefore an essential component in creating a vibrant and evolved community. It shapes our awareness, develops a collective attitude, inspires us and even reduces stress!

Thus, we have decided to design PLAY IN ART ® street furniture with a deep focus on design and public art, where citizens can socialize and relax.

In the design of these products we took into consideration two fundamental aspects: the shape of the structures and the possible hidden functions in them. More than equipment we design walkable sculptures – “Walk-in-sculptures” or “Social Sculptures” – for meeting places and socializing.

In a constantly evolving world we have not forgotten new technologies either. Thus, some products incorporate speakers and a remote sensing system that allows you to interact with the user’s mobile phone, listen to radio or pre-programmed music. Other pieces are illuminated from within resulting in a lovely night light effect.

Here are some of the works we developed, we present the NEW CONCEPTS TO STAY.


Positive Line

Land Art & Urban Art

Freedom Line

Glow Line


Sitting Areas

Food Court