Playing is essential and a fundamental right of every child and adult. By playing we develop ourselves, we grow, we learn, we socialize. Through Play we exercise body and mind.

Playgrounds, designed and developed as spaces reserved for playing and stimulating physical activity, have little more than a century of existence. However, throughout its recent history we can observe the birth and disappearance of various currents, with greater or lesser expression and impact, ranging from the “Modern Vintage” with its sculptural pieces generally designed by artists, architects, sculptors and even painters, to “Adventure Playgrounds” exploring all kinds of waste material, passing through the most realistic parks where trains, planes and other real objects were the main element of play, to “Nature Playgrounds” where the Nature and natural elements play the leading role.

However, to this day, the most common playground continues to be supported by the 5 pillars: “swing-slide-spring-carousel-climbing equipment”. This has become the traditional park, usually found in housing areas, school playgrounds, public parks or anywhere else in Europe and around the world.

The playground has become a depersonalized space, characterized by the repeated use of the same kind of equipment supported by an easily identifiable logic of programmed activities (climbing, crawling, sliding, swinging…), without a real correlation with the target users, and an appropriate connexion to the surrounding landscape, its history and culture.

On the other hand, the playground has been, as the name implies, almost exclusively associated with children and pre-teens, with adults being denied the right to play. In fact, even often being expressly referred to this prohibition at the playground signage.

PLAY PLANET believes that play should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age, often being a great remedy against aging, disease and loneliness. In this way, we conceive concepts adapted to the most varied realities, for children, youth, adults and seniors, which we call NEW CONCEPTS OF PLAY.

Contrary to the usual players in this market, we do not present ourselves with a large catalogue of standard and repetitive products, but rather with the ideas and materials necessary to create a personalized outfit.

We encourage free play and design unique pieces with a great focus on contemporary art, and a rigorous demand level regarding its quality, appearance and landscaping. We develop elegant and personalized design solutions, looking for new answers and smart ways to offer barrier-free play, where children and adults can interact and learn from each other.

We explore various types of materials and solutions, depending on the project. We can developed impressive theme parks or work on more modest playgrounds to very small play points where fun and looks are required. Everything is possible, everything is viable and worthwhile, “when the soul is not small”, as the famous writer Fernando Pessoa would say.

If you think this personalized approach is financially unbearable, more expensive than standard solutions you are mistaken. On the contrary, with NEW CONCEPTS OF PLAY, we bring the best, most interesting, economical and sustainable materials to the project. We design it 100% with our team and produce them with exclusively European materials at fair prices that will surprise you.


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