Some companies stand out from day one, asserting themselves through creativity, excellence and differentiation. 

The founders of Play Planet were already specialists in the design, construction and maintenance of Play and Leisure areas, when, back in January 2010, they decided to put their vast experience on the field following a new market approach: to provide innovative, differentiated and personalized solutions, adjusting the needs of the client and the surrounding environment.

Play Planet is a Design & Build company, meaning that we conceive and transform any idea into a solid concept, following the whole creative cycle, its construction and maintenance throughout its lifetime.

Among our distinguishing characteristics we highlight:



Fast response for all requests


Professionalism and responsibility


Creative solutions following the specific needs of the client and the project


Dedication from all of our team


Competence and precision in the most different specialties

In a world in constant evolution which draws your attention, what makes you slow down the pace to watch or run to achieve?

Whatever your motivation, age, belief or aspiration, there will always be a common denominator: First, curiosity. Then the fascination for beauty, and the emotion it provokes.

Our solutions go through an accurate design, originality and creativity, providing experiences and generating emotions. That is also why we are a different company. Unlike others, who create “standard” products for copying and rationalizing resources, we opted, with conviction, to be unique.


So, more than products, we design new ideas – NEW CONCEPTS – adaptable to many different realities, landscapes and people. That’s how our PLAY IN ART ® brand was born, a creative explosion, fusion of artistic expression, functionality and landscaping, which brings together the latest creations from Play Planet. We are the tailors of Urbanism and Landscaping, we produce urban art for you!

Today we are present in various parts of the world, with work performed in the most varied sectors: shopping centres, schools, museums, public parks, amusement parks, sports venues, companies, hospitals, private homes,… Our strong presence in Portugal and across borders reflects the excellence of our work and the confidence we have gained through the quality of our products and our services.