No one is as smart or qualified as the sum of us all! – This is the true meaning of a team, be it amateur or professional, in sports or business.

In order to achieve good results it is essential to have a strong, complete, cohesive team that enjoys its work, respects and helps each other.


Play Planet is a very good example of this work style. We are a multidisciplinary team, with varied academic backgrounds and life experience. We are ying and we are yang. Separately we are good, but together we are stronger.


Our complicity, passion and commitment is reflected in everything we do. We exude joy, we are Play Planet. This is the secret of our success.


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Chairman of the Administration Board
Managing Partner and Founder of Play Planet Lda.
General director
Creative Director of Project / Design

From my Italian father I inherited the names that you should pronoun singing. From my mother the pride of being Portuguese.
Unabashedly optimistic, I always contemplate the glass half full. Sagittarius, consequently dreamy, creative, communicative, extroverted, emotive and impulsive. Always involved in new projects and ideas … so many that a single life is not enough to accomplish. Travel, an addiction. Books, another way of traveling. Music, essential. Photography, a passion. My daughters, my greatest treasure. I believe in overcoming obstacles. In hard work. In action (more than reaction).
I especially value friendship, loyalty, openness, commitment and dedication. I devalue the impossible (which, until proven otherwise, does not exist). I believe that we are in this World for a reason and with an objective to fulfill. Mine: Be happy creating spaces for others to play happily. I believe that no one can walk our own path. We have to discover where it will leads us, to break the obstacles in between, by facing them with all our inner strength and soul. Waiting for things to happen is not my style, and nothing was ever easy. True to my convictions, in 2010 I gave up everything to embrace a project that reflects this particular way of facing life. Thus, Play Planet was born, more than a peculiar company, a philosophy of life.
I consider myself fortunate to dedicate my days to creating spaces of joy, health and well-being, in a positive environment, full of good vibrations. I strive every day so that this philosophy will never be lost, and to fill our streets, schools, parks, houses with brightness, colour, laughter and happiness…

Graduated in Landscape Architecture by Instituto Superior de Agronomia, in Lisbon.
From 1999, responsible for the design and construction of hundreds of spaces of play and recreation both in National and Foreign markets.
Main Managing partner and founder of Play Planet Lda, a Design & Build company with a strong focus on Design, Quality and Inclusion.
Responsible for the Creative Department of Landscaping and Design.
Coordinator of the Linc Multidisciplinary Team (Inclusion Laboratory), specialist in inclusive play and recreational spaces.
Frequent speaker in national and international workshops, conferences, trainings, seminars and exhibitions in the scope of Play and Recreation Spaces, Smart and Inclusive Cities.

Member of the Administration Board
Founding Partner of Play Planet
Finance, Planning and Logistics Management

I believe that a smile opens many doors, and that good humour and a group reflection is the solution to most difficult problems.
Organized in my own mess, always trying to find the optimal solution, the shortest path, the risk element and optimization.
I like the beach, I like the countryside, I like sun and wet sand. I like to stroll, to walk, to talk, to laugh. I like to speak, not to write. I prefer numbers to letters.
Although I may seem complicated, I’m actually quite uncomplicated. I’m brief, period.
I hate otitis and the humidity, which causes ear infections. I do not like people who think they are smarter than others, honks and traffic queues.
I feel proud to work in a company that thinks as a whole, and where everyone meets and feels like family.

Degree in Mathematics Applied to Statistics and Operational Research by the Science University of Lisbon in 2002.
Founding partner of Play Planet, in charge of the financial management of the company as well as Planning and Logistics in the Construction Sector.

Member of the Administration Board
Founding Partner of Play Planet
Commercial Director

B.D by Quino. Strength. Balance or Libra (whichever you prefer). A passionate workaholic. Nuttela with chorizo. Professionalism – way of being. Ballet with black slippers. Perfectionism, versatility and pragmatism of personality. Night with sun. Humour, smiles and laughter. Heart without limits and friendship without borders. I do not acknowledge discouragement and tiredness. Purple. Reindeers flying. Idealism with innovation. “Out of the box way of thinking”. Energy-filled commitment. Engineering, of course! Full of emotions, warm, enthusiastic. A traveller, based on human integrity. I live today, yearning for tomorrow. A short lady in love with life.
I travelled the world, but it was here that I found myself – in this team, of strength, of heart, of friendship, of courage, so professional and committed.

Graduated in Agronomic Engineering by the School of Agronomy – University of Lisbon, specialty in farming and Livestock, in 2006.
Founding partner of Play Planet, responsible for the sales management, as well as for the certification of PLAY IN ART® equipment´s. Specialized in European standardization, ensures the projects and products are always according the EN Standards and the local legislation.
Member of the Technical Commission for Standardization CT 166 in the scope of Play and Recreation Spaces, Pools, Sports equipment and installations.
Member of LINC – Laboratory of Inclusion. Frequent speaker at seminars on standards and legislation.

Construction Management

With an angelic look, but irreverent, I possess a passion for the sea from where I withdraw the tranquillity and serenity but also the salt of life. Like a discoverer I like to explore and travel, with the necessary technique, perspicacity and persistence, but also the flexibility and versatility to face new challenges. Team spirit is a constant and organization my compass.
With a peculiar humour, I openly face any storm ahead like a caravel crossing the Cape of Good Hope.
At Play Planet, I embraced the complex and ambitious challenge of managing the installation and construction teams, which I overcome based on full dedication and motivation, being blessed with positive surprises every single day.
Perseverance and persistence are, undoubtedly, two of the most relevant characteristics that make us achieve good results (with hard work and little sleep). Play Planet has been my largest professional, personal, and life school experience.
We are proud to “deliver” playful environments to our clients, but we also live them as our own.
In Play Planet I found an Ocean of fun, where I feel like fish in the water, where every day there are new challenges, new conquests, and new worlds to discover. In it I found my safe harbour.

Graduated in Agricultural Engineering and Master in Sustainable Agriculture by the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém – Escola Superior Agrária de Santarém, in 2007 and 2015, respectively.
Soon showed interest in public space, urban and playscapes, as well as the construction of such environments.
Since 2015 in charge of Play Planet’s construction, production and logistics department.
Managing Play Planet installation and maintenance teams, as well as subcontracted partners, inspecting the sites and managing all construction process.

Coordinator of the Design Department
Product Designer

Born and raised in the calm of the Alentejo with a ramshackle Algarvian rib.
I have full of energy and strength to fulfill my goals, both professionally as well in my personal life.
I am honest and so many may not understand my sympathy, but as proud piesces that I am, I believe in commitment and dedication, love, friendship and family. I always see the positive side of life and even laugh trough the bad times.
I need to travel, music is simply a basic necessity of my day-to-day life but above all I need CHOCOLATEEE !!
Always in search of the next problem to solve, the next creation or disquieting curiosity in my mind, I could not finish my degree without sneaking in the courses of Communication Design and Art and Multimedia. I have a great thirst for knowledge and just want to learn and to experiment! Play Planet is not my job, it’s my home from Monday to Friday, with a big crazy family but very professional with whom I take pride in working and who allows me to grow every single day.
I would not be honest enough ending this text without confessing I can be a bit harsh on bad days – nothing serious!

Graduated in Product Design by the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Lisbon, since 2014.
Her first professional experience as a Designer was focused in graphic and communication design, responsible for brand rebranding, with logo development and new website layout.
Since 2014 at Play Planet, now coordinating the Design Department, and following PLAY IN ART® production at the factory.
Responsible for the Design of play, recreation and leisure spaces, which includes 3D modelling, graphic presentation of personalized concepts, budgeting and the execution project for the production of the products.

Project Department Coordination
Landscape Architects

I always have to win! I am competitive but, I believe, a reasonably good loser. I like games and puzzles. I love stories, told in many different ways. And learning from them. I really like illustration and exhibitions. I like a good conversation, to know different ways of thinking, dinners with friends and family. I like to walk around and get to know each corner of every city or village I go to. I like the beach, whether summer or winter. I’m curious, pragmatic, methodical. Landscape Architecture suits me because it encompasses all of this in the process of development. I have the opportunity to do what I like with exceptional colleagues, teamwork and team building based on mutual help and mutual growth. We are loaded with ideas, which often arise in the most trivial conversation. The best part … when they do come true! Each challenge is a stage of a game, and when we finish a park, and we see people from 0 to 99 years old happily enjoying what we do, this is when we reach our goal. Yes, we won the game! And, like I said, that’s what I like!

Graduated in Landscape Architecture by the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, University of Lisbon, in 2013. Interested in the project of urban public space, in the construction of inclusive cities and accessibility, with constant concern to combat social segregation and, at the same time, spatial segregation.
At Play Planet Since 2015. At the LINC team she has specialized in developing Inclusive Play and Recreation Spaces, accompanying and integrating multidisciplinary teams in the development of projects that are based on good practices of inclusivity.
In 2018 she was placed in charge of the Project Department.
She is also responsible for the Landscape Architecture projects, from the Preliminary Study to the Execution Project, and in the accomplishment of technical pieces designed necessary for the preparation of the work.

Administrative Management and Human Resources
Quality Management

Susana Santos, Santinhos for some, Susi for others!
It motivates me to relate to others, to empathize with those around me, to understand them.
Observer and intuitive by nature, I spend part of my time looking around and finding ways to bring joy and color to the lives of those I meet. That’s how I color myself. I like being like I am, honest, friendly, confident, naive sometimes, I always believe that there is a reason for everything that happens to us! A sunset on a warm afternoon, a cat playing, reading a book, watching a movie, laughing, loving, being with friends and family, music, Jorge Palma, strolling, are things that make me happy!
I have been at Play Planet since 2010, I answered the first phone call, wrote the first letters, sent the first offers; since then, it has been an adventure and a daily learning. Having gone through several functions, I now dedicate myself with greater relevance to the research and response to public tenders in the various public procurement platforms, as well as follow-up of all the processes until the signing of the contract. I also deal with the part of the documentation necessary to send to the entities when they are awarded to us. Besides work, here I meet friends that transform a simple day of work into a day of sharing and exchanging emotions. Every day has a different note, and routine is something unusual here. Here, I feel at home!

Susana graduated in Ergonomics from the Faculty of Human Movement / Technical University of Lisbon, and finished her studies in 1999. In 2000, she started for a mapping company, where she worked as a cartographic editor.
At Play Planet since 2010, where she performs several activities in the administrative and commercial area, in addition to direct support to the Administration, the management of the Quality System and Human Resources.

Pampering Accumulators
Anti stress Department

I’m not just a cat, I’m a lucky cat. I do not have one owner, or two, I have many, so many that I cannot count them all. Of course I have my favourites, those who let me sleep on their lap, the ones who spare me occasional croissant crumbs, or those special ones that cuddle me and make me purr.
I do not remember living on the street because I came to Play Planet at very young age, barely knew how to eat or drink. Maybe that’s why I’m curious about what’s going on in the world outside, and, so, occasionally I sneak through the door to explore the school right across the street, smell the outdoor scents and run after the doves. However, I always come back because Play Planet is my house. And they are my loved humans.

My friend Mia Kikas Serafina was rescued from street already a grown up kitty. Maybe this is the reason she does not seem to share my curiosity. She never walks away, and stares at me like I am a crazy cat when I try to sneak out the door.
At first I did not enjoy her presence, what cat likes to share its territory anyway? But Mia is a kitty cutie, and so it conquered me after all!
We share the same paper box to sleep, we eat from the same bowl, and even have occasional expressions of affection that amuse our humans. Of course we also have bad days, then we quit playing and each of us goes to our own single corner. The normal stuff in all love relations!

We are a “Pet friendly” company, meaning that animals are welcome at Play Planet.
Our pets, licensed to pamper and be pampered, live in our Lisbon office. Prepare to find them lying on our work desks, playing or strolling at the corridors. It is also possible that they appear in the meetings, curious to see and smell who is visiting.
Did you know that a “Pet friendly” company can contribute (and a lot) to a good working environment?
Researches have shown that a 4-legged companion can relieve stress, improve mood, and even reduce bad cholesterol.
And there is a scientific reason for this: Caring for an animal increases our levels of oxytocin, the stress-reducing hormone, and lowers the level of cortisol, which is responsible for stress in the body.
Several studies also indicate that dogs and cats make employees more confident and relaxed when attending group meetings or presentations. On the other hand, they contribute to a greater satisfaction in the work because they create fun moments, so “Play Planet Style”.