YEAR: 2019

Shopping Centers


Chill, Play, Socialize

Nature Inspirations & Playscapes

Inspired by its deeply rural past, Alegro Montijo Shopping Center has its design based on a typical farm of the region. Recently acquired by Ceetrus Portugal group, this shopping center will be rebranded, accompanied by the presentation of a new visual identity and positioning of the Alegro brand.

Play Planet was invited to design and build the new playground, located in two floors, but in the same visual sequence. The project comprises an area with 102m2 in the main corridor of Alegro Montijo, very close to the great Central Square, on the ground floor, and another adjacent space on the first floor, the latter being at the intersection between the main corridor and the West side entrance of the Alegro Montijo. Resulting from the confluence of these two high flow paths, the intervention space has a highly privileged location, underscored by the excellent natural light.

The solutions encountered for this indoor playground were chosen according fundamental premises, as the specificity of the commercial environment in which it is located. Thus, factors such as the transparency of the elements and the good visibility through them were decisive in the development of this project. Also the choice of materials was thought to continue the concept of architecture that gave Alegro Montijo the rural character of the region, with the buildings evoking the typical farm and its landscape identity. The aesthetics found was based on a figurative and deconstructed concept of nature, a modern enchanted forest, with much room for imagination, elegant and familiar.

The first floor, focused on the treetops imaginary, is dedicated to children between 4 to 10 years old. Between the two floors, taking advantage of the 6-meter high ceiling, a 3-story tower with a belvedere, connects the first floor to the ground floor, offering new opportunities for play, adventure and challenge. Through a slide that apparently connects the two spaces, we get the visual illusion of unity. In reality, these are two distinct slides, one coming from the first floor and the other from the ground floor, with an independent operating logic, thus ensuring comfort and user surveillance.

The ground Floor is composed of elements and activities designed to stimulate the little ones, up to 4 years old, always integrating comfortable spaces for their parents and caregivers.